Bubble Balls Idaho

We have added a twist to soccer to make it fast paced and more fun. It's definitely a different game in the bubbles. Object of the game is to get in a few hits, score goals and have fun. For more info give us a call. GOOOOAAALL!

Arrow Tag Idaho
Sharks and Minnows

Any number of players. One shark is chosen, the rest are minnows. Minnows line up on the goal line. Shark can be positioned anywhere on the field. On the whistle minnows attempt to run to the other goal line. Any minnows that get knocked down by the shark become sharks for the next round. Play continues until the last minnow is knocked down. The last minnow wins the game and becomes the shark for the next game.

Bubble Balls Nampa
Steal the Flag


Equal teams. Each team designates one player to be the flag. Object of the game is to knock down the other teams flag while protecting your own. One point for knocking down the flag. Switch flag for each round. Start a new round each time the flag is knocked down. Game ends at predetermined time limit, predetermined score, or when each person has a turn as the flag.

Demolition Derby

Players stand anywhere on the playing field. Play starts on the whistle. Object of the game is to knock opponents down or out of bounds. Last person standing WINS! *


* This game can also be played with teams. Play continues until all players of one team are knocked down or out of bounds.



 Teams line up in a straight line facing each other. Each team numbers their players randomly. The referee then calls out a number and on the whistle the players with that number joust. For a more exciting game referee can call multiple numbers.*

Knocking down a player scores one point.

*Alternate game: Each team lines up single file opposite each other. On the whistle the first person in each line charge each other. Play continues when all players from each team have jousted. or you can do elimination until a final winner.


Males (husbands) wear blue bubbles, women (wives) wear orange bubbles. Object of the game is for the male to protect the female. The male can get knocked down and continue playing until his partner is knocked down. If the female gets knocked down, both her and her partner are out. Last couple standing wins. For a fun twist have the females defend the males!


Two teams orange and blue. Object of the game is to defeat the other team by knocking them down or out of bounds. A team wins when all opponents are defeated.

Ha Ha

2 equal teams – Each team lines up on opposite goal lines. the object of the game is for each team to get to the opposite goal line and back. First team with all team members back wins. (See if your strategy works).

And many others