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Steve and Elaine Vickers are the owners of Vickers Entertainment, LLC. Steve is a life long resident of Idaho, growing up in Parma. Elaine is a transplant from Western Washington, moving to Idaho when the couple married in 2000. They currently live in Nampa.

We have met so many wonderful people over the last 7 years, can't believe  it's been that long. Thank you so much for sharing your fun times with us. You are why we love what we do.

The last couple years have been interesting to say the least. Thanks to so much support from this great community we are still in business and look forward to a great year. We continue to learn how we can serve you better. We are hands on when it comes to booking, organizing and conducting parties. This means we do the work and you have the fun. We are very flexible, working all days, EXCEPT SUNDAYS, and any hour of the day. Some of our most enjoyable parties have been in the wee hours of the morning under stadium lights. We have lots of bubbles and three sizes to fit almost anyone. We also started doing Arrow Tag a few years ago. It's like paintball with bow and arrows. (no paint mess though) The thing we like most about Arrow Tag is that it doesn't hurt like paintball and it requires a skill paintball doesn't have.


 We are insured and work hard to keep the equipment clean and maintained. 


Our goal is to provide the best service at an affordable price to insure you have a great experience. We've also been able to do many fundraisers providing an opportunity for us to give back to the community.


For info on how to book your party, give us a call. If you book us, we will come. 208-869-7067. If you don't see what you want call for a quote. We will customize to meet your needs.

Steve Vickers
Elaine Vickers
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